RAH is a colour consulting studio that prioritizes authenticity and authentic living, creating experience and narratives that improve people's personal connections with their surroundings through colours. Our background is from the art world, architecture, and psychology – specialized in the field of customization, interior design and culture.

Colour is a powerful medium that influences emotion, preference and decision making throughout the lifespan, and aware of this, we offer a unique service: we create a colour pallete made by the nuances that belong to the personal emotional baggage able to move and make feel good. In our approach subjectivity come first then objectivity, and through the use of RAH Colour Test, an implicit association test between colours and emotions, we uncover the emotional connection of every meaningful colour, because the colours full of memories are the most precious one.

RAH was founded by the visual artist Raluca Andreea Hartea with the desire to bring a different perspective that can improve the perception of self, of the world and life, through the power of colour.

Imagine how it would be like to know which colours respond to your emotional, social, mental and physical needs.

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